Download JBirthdays

Current version is 0.4.20. For changes see the changelog (Ă„nderungen).

If a download link does not work, try it under the project's downloads page.

How to use the platform independent ZIP archive

Extract the Archive and call:

java -jar Directory_where_extracted/JBirthdays/JBirthdays.jar

Tip: Write this command into a script file and create a desktop link to the script file.

Other Languages

Call JBirthdays with -Duser.language= followed by a two character's language code, e.g. en for English language:

java -Duser.language=en -jar Directory_where_extracted/JBirthdays/JBirthdays.jar

Supported language codes:

Other releases

If older versions of JBirthdays provided, you can download them from project's downloads page.

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